Gagged redhead in nipple torture


If this chick wasn’t gagged, she’d be screaming and begging for mercy from the nipple torture. Rick Savage knows when a girl will break down, so he took the precaution of using some hardcore rope bondage on this chick too. Since the redhead is still new to nipple torture, he introduces her slowly to the pleasure/pain of BDSM.

One by one, he takes a clothes pin and clamps it on the chick’s flesh breasts. Master Rick starts out with the outer pieces of skin, and moves his way towards the sensitive nipples. This way, the pain keeps increasing to a level that the bondage slave can’t acclimate to.

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Electric and needle nipple torture


These tits are getting crucified in an agonizing session of nipple torture. The mature woman is tied down to an examination bed and hooked up with electrodes. First, one sharp needle slowly pushes its way through her fleshy pointers. The master goes slow to make sure the slave bitch feels the entire intensity of the pain. The nipple torture only gets worse when the second needle crosses through the already inflamed tit. Now that the tits are full of metal, they make perfect conductors for sending electric shocks through the chick’s breasts. With each zap, those tits shake and cause more pain to rupture.

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Nipple torture with weighted clamps


This chick made the mistake of confessing that she loves nipple torture. To test her words, the Master utilized some severe rope bondage to restraint those breasts. The color in the flesh sacks was already starting to change from a milky white into a luscious shade of purple when the Master stepped up the nipple torture.

Those nips had swollen so nice and big from all the trapped blood squeezed into them that Master got out his weighted nipple clamps. The slave girl grits her teeth while her nerve endings are tortured to the point of bursting.

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Swollen nipple torture with scissor clamps


Rick Savage has done such a good job of tying up these breasts that they form completely spherical lumps on the chick’s chest. The way that the rope bondage is digging into her soft flesh is forcing those bulbous boobs to turn purple. Evidence of ruptured capillaries due to nipple torture spots the crimson globes.

Master Rick gets out this scissor clamps for these ripe tits and clamps them down on the swollen nips. The once pink, then purple nipples turn white from lack of blood flow. Rick Savage gets a set of weights dangling on each side, furthering the nipple torture and testing the breasts’ balance.

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Clamped and weighted by two balls nipples in torture


This girl is getting tortured on each sensitive part of her body until it is fucking her mind. After being hogtied to some bamboo posts and rusty metal posts, an intense nipple torture begins. Her nipples are clamped and weighted by two lead balls at the ends of chains. What’s great about this nipple torture is that the chick can’t even move her tits in attempt to relieve some of the pressure. The chains are hooked around a bamboo cane. The tied up girl is crying the best she can around her rope gag. Only the grinding vibrator on her pussy brings relief from the painful nipple torture.

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