Gagged blonde in suction nipple torture


Even when a slave gets used to being tied up with rope bondage, there is never any getting use to nipple torture. Those pink nubbins remain sensitive, and actually gain sensitivity through repeated tortures. This blonde damsel looks like a fresh peach in the dungeon so her Master makes sure that she can’t go anywhere. Her hands are tied up behind her back so those titties push out of their own rope bondage. Master has found a nice pair of suction pressure devices, the perfect size for nipple torture. The slave girl tires to beg for mercy, but resorts to biting on the ball gag instead.

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Blindfolded asian in nipple torture


Rick Savage has found a nice little Asian chick who thinks she’s ready for nipple torture. The foxy babe is actually a dominatrix herself, but it’s been a while since she’s had some of her own medicine. Master Rick ties her up and four points then uses a heavy metal chain to squeeze her small titties.

There isn’t enough flesh on those tits for nipple torture with his clamps, so Rick Savage uses an old trick. He lights a candle to set the mood, even if the blindfolded girl can’t see it. As the wax heats up, he slowly drips it directly on those perky nubbins.

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Stretched girl in heavy nipple torture

intense-nipple-torture gives us another intense round of nipple torture. When you look at this picture, the girl is stretched so far by the ropes and clamp that you can’t tell which part of her is up or down. In the BDSM video, the babe gets her first ever nipple torture. Since her mosquito bites are so tiny, the Master focuses on her pink nipples. He clamps the nipples tightly and weighs them down with a few lead balls. If the slave girl squirms at all, it is just going to make her nipple torture even more painful.

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Gagged redhead in nipple torture


If this chick wasn’t gagged, she’d be screaming and begging for mercy from the nipple torture. Rick Savage knows when a girl will break down, so he took the precaution of using some hardcore rope bondage on this chick too. Since the redhead is still new to nipple torture, he introduces her slowly to the pleasure/pain of BDSM.

One by one, he takes a clothes pin and clamps it on the chick’s flesh breasts. Master Rick starts out with the outer pieces of skin, and moves his way towards the sensitive nipples. This way, the pain keeps increasing to a level that the bondage slave can’t acclimate to.

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Electric and needle nipple torture


These tits are getting crucified in an agonizing session of nipple torture. The mature woman is tied down to an examination bed and hooked up with electrodes. First, one sharp needle slowly pushes its way through her fleshy pointers. The master goes slow to make sure the slave bitch feels the entire intensity of the pain. The nipple torture only gets worse when the second needle crosses through the already inflamed tit. Now that the tits are full of metal, they make perfect conductors for sending electric shocks through the chick’s breasts. With each zap, those tits shake and cause more pain to rupture.

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