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Electric nipple torture


It is almost unfair that this slave has been blindfolded during her nipple torture because she can’t see how nicely crimson her tits have become. They are tied expertly together with just one thin, tight rope that digs right into the soft flesh. Blood instantly starts swelling into the nipples until they look like the surface of mars. Master has a special treat for the slave girl. He uses a taser gun for the nipple torture, which makes an electric crackling sound each time it touches the swollen nubbins.

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Electric and needle nipple torture


These tits are getting crucified in an agonizing session of nipple torture. The mature woman is tied down to an examination bed and hooked up with electrodes. First, one sharp needle slowly pushes its way through her fleshy pointers. The master goes slow to make sure the slave bitch feels the entire intensity of the pain. The nipple torture only gets worse when the second needle crosses through the already inflamed tit. Now that the tits are full of metal, they make perfect conductors for sending electric shocks through the chick’s breasts. With each zap, those tits shake and cause more pain to rupture.

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