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Pull at her sensitive nipples


This girl has barely been released from her rope bondage before her nipple torture begins. You can see the lines from the thin rope still ingrained into her skin around those oily tits. Thin rope digs into the skin much more than thick rope and it didn’t help that the slave girl was squirming all over. She must really like nipple torture because the slave pierced her own tits, giving her master an imbedded hook to clamp onto. This time, he is using the same rope that bound the chick to pull at her sensitive nipples. The slave girl screams, partially from pain and partly because her cunt is squirting.

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Clamps and chains in nipple torture


The master has been working his way up on his slave girl, causing pain from the toys, pussy, and then her ass. Now, she is getting a session of nipple torture. The teen is such a submissive girl that she doesn’t even need to be restrained with rope bondage. The mental bondage is strong enough with this chick. Plus, her pussy is getting wet all over again from the nipple torture. Master tells the girl not to watch while he plays her nipples like a marionette on chains. The slave can’t help peeking at the torture and gets disciplined by hard tugs.

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Stretched girl in heavy nipple torture

intense-nipple-torture gives us another intense round of nipple torture. When you look at this picture, the girl is stretched so far by the ropes and clamp that you can’t tell which part of her is up or down. In the BDSM video, the babe gets her first ever nipple torture. Since her mosquito bites are so tiny, the Master focuses on her pink nipples. He clamps the nipples tightly and weighs them down with a few lead balls. If the slave girl squirms at all, it is just going to make her nipple torture even more painful.

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